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DAY ONE: Wednesday 29 March 2017


9:00am  FREE WORKSHOP- The future of HR technology: Navigating the ever-evolving landscape
& The future of HR undoubtedly incorporates the use of technology – technology that is constantly changing, evolving
9:45am and offering new opportunities to streamline processes and save time.

But what else can we expect from HR Tech? While current technology is widely recognised as a valuable automation tool, there is also some trepidation on how it might impact HR in the future.

With the changing landscape and the trend of increased technology use, Jason Portelli, Head of Solutions and Lauri Young, Solutions Consultant at ELMO will examine: 

  • Trends in HR technology and what we can expect in the future
  • Best-practice technology use to engage staff, promote connection and reduce isolation
  • Tips to keep up to date with the ever-changing technology landscape

This interactive session will arm you with strategies to implement technology in a way that positively impacts your organisation, and retains the all-important human element of HR.

Jason Portelli & Laurie Young, Solutions Specialist, ELMO Talent Management Software



FREE WORKSHOP- Strategies to develop a positive workplace culture
& In this workshop led by team culture and corporate training specialists Dwain Richardson and Anita Kropacsy, you will explore 
11:15am the science behind what creates positive cultures in the workplace.





With this understanding, you will then uncover how great cultures drive success in any organisation.

Sound enticing? Now the fun part! You will learn some simple ways you and your team can develop a workplace culture for success… in your own organisation.

Imagine a workplace that all staff enjoy being in and can’t wait to get to each day! It is possible! And with this positivity and engagement, corporate success will follow.

Dwain Richardson, Managing Director & Anita Kropacsy, Corporate Training Manager, Corporate Challenge Events


11:40am Live interview

Alec Bashinsky, CHRO, Deloitte


12:00pm FREE WORKSHOP- Corporate culture and its impact on employee performance – What’s money got to do with it?

In today’s fast-paced environment, both at work and outside of work, stress levels are running high. Sure, technology has enabled us to do more, in less time. Anytime, anywhere. On the flipside, the infinite possibilities (of what one can achieve in a day) serves up more options in life, which generates more stress and less happy times.

According to the Annual Stress and Wellbeing report by the Australian Psychological Society, financial stress topped the list of worries every year in the last five years. Employees who are financially stressed are less satisfied with their lives, less engaged with their employers and ultimately more likely to underperform at work.

How has your company culture evolved to adapt to the ever-changing social landscape?

In this workshop, Joseph will cover:

  • The three things in life we need in order to be truly happy
  • A proven company philosophy
  • How the right corporate culture can support one of the three things that makes us truly happy

Come along to this free workshop, and be inspired to think differently. 

Joseph Chou, CEO, Ironfish


12:45pm How to develop a positive attitude towards life and work

What can HR professionals learn from martial arts? This interactive, motivational session draws on both the theory and practice of martial arts to help participants reduce stress, improve resilience and build the necessary drive for success.

  • The art of setting goals for success and happiness
  • How to develop unshakeable self confidence and mental toughness
  • How to harness your inner self discipline, determination and perseverance
  • Breaking through limiting beliefs
  • Success strategies of champion athletes and teams
  • Release stress and build inner calm with tai chi and chi kung exercises

John Gill, Principal Instructor, Australian school of Self-Defence and Motivational Masters 


2:00pm How to sleep well when under stress

High stress in the workplace is leading to sleeplessness, with debilitating effect on health, productivity and relationships. Without a proper night’s sleep, it is impossible for people to perform optimally in the workplace.

Attendees will learn:

  • Why sleep is our greatest ally for true success in the workplace
  • A powerful technique for reducing stress instantly
  • How to avoid the most common sleep hazard of our modern lives
  • Two effective skills for calming your mind and falling asleep with ease after a stressful day

Ahna de Vena, Sleep Expert, Sleep Muse


2:30pm FREE WORKSHOP- The wellbeing advantage

In this presentation Dr Louise Schofield will officially release the results of the 1st Annual Australasian Industry Survey on Employee Wellbeing,  Engagement and Performance. This state of the nation data is the most comprehensive ever released in Australia with over 10,000 individual data sets representing both small (<100 employees)  and large (>3000 employees) employers. You will learn the role that employee wellbeing plays in engagement and performance.

What makes a high performing employee?  What are the implications of these findings for HR practise in 2017? All workshop attendees will leave with a copy of the 2017 Annual Report that identifies five critical priorities for HR.

Dr Louise Schofield, Group Innovation Manager, Vitality Works 


3:25pm Live interview

Ashley Winnett, Executive Director HR, Holden


3:45pm FREE WORKSHOP- Leveraging a rare commodity: How to get leadership development right.

Employees are demanding better leaders. How can you ensure your leaders will create the most positive impact on your organisation?

With 71% of Australian and New Zealand HR decision makers having identified leadership development as a top priority, getting it right is more important than ever. Talent has become more important than capital, strategy and R&D in the new people economy. But what does the evidence tell us about the nature of talent? How do we acquire talent and how realistically can it be developed?

Lasting behaviour change is not as easy as we may believe. To get it right you need to have everything going for you – the right diagnosis, the right motivation, the right culture and the right intervention.

This workshop will cut through the ever-growing list of theories and provide you with the knowledge and tools to transform the way you identify, select and develop your leaders.

Scott Ruhfus, Psychologist & Amanda Krulis, Consultant, Saville Consulting



DAY TWO: Thursday 30 March 2017


7:45am Risky Business: Understanding the employer's duty of care for international business travel

Given Australia's geographic and economic position, international business travel is increasing for many Australians. Recent research has shed the light on the reality that many companies do not have travel health policies for their employees who are required to travel overseas for business. Thus, organisations are exposing themselves to potential liability by not offering any form of pre-travel health advice or information on necessary vaccinations. In this session, gain an understanding of the employer’s Duty of Care, the cost and benefits of implementing a travel health policy and hear case studies from the travel health expert, Dr Deb Mills. 

Dr Deb Mills, Medical Director, Travel Medicine Alliance



FREE WORKSHOP- The five key elements to achieve an effective health and wellbeing program 
As people spend a sizeable proportion of their day at work, workplaces are ideal environments for addressing health
9:45am issues and promoting healthy habits that can have significant benefits to workers and to businesses, including 



reduced risk of chronic disease and workplace injury, and increased productivity.

Join Health at Work Director, Kristina Dalgleish and learn how to go about implementing a successful workplace health and wellbeing program:

  • Building the business case
  • Implementing a needs analysis
  • Creating a culture of wellness and mental health
  • Reaching 100% of your employees
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of your program

The foundation for success in any business lies in the health and strength of its workforce so can you afford not to invest in the health and wellbeing of your workforce?

Kristina Dalgeish, Director, Health@Work 


10:45am FREE WORKSHOP- The five ways to motivate and help your employees save with a Novated Lease 

A novated lease is one of the last truly financially rewarding benefits programmes left to offer employees. Join sgfleet and put to bed some of the myths that come with introducing the employee benefit and to understand the savings available with a novated lease.

Have you ever had an employee ask what a Novated Lease is? What the benefits are? Or that they have heard they need to meet certain criteria in order to qualify for the financial benefits? sgfleet will help you answer these questions, give you real examples, and work with you to best utilise Novated Leases as a key HR tool in your business.

Anthony Moss, BDM, sgfleet


11:15am Live interview

Kate McCormack, Group Executive Director, Mercy Health


11:30am Free professional photos

Update your image with a new corporate headshot. Come and see our professional photographer at the HR Summit Expo next to the stage.



FREE WORKSHOP- The evolution of performance management: Then, now and the future
& In this session explore:
  • Historical perspective on performance management
  • Leadership and behaviour modification approaches
  • What’s worked and what hasn’t
  • Finding a solution that works and can evolve as the business keeps learning
  • The impact of technology on change management 
  • Values and cultural wellness alignment - Real stories

John French, Co-Founder & Executive Director, Subscribe-HR


2:00PM FREE WORKSHOP- Cardinia Shire Council’s journey to Activity Based Working from infancy, to current day and beyond…


 Waudi Tahche, General Manager People and Culture, Cardinia Shire Council 

 Naveen Shettar, National Practice Manager, Consulting and Advisory, Thomas Duryea  Logicalis 


3:15PM FREE WORKSHOP- The Complete eLearning Journey

Wouldn’t it be great if you could take charge of your eLearning environment right from storyboarding your ideas to generating responsive eLearning courses to being able to effectively deploy and track your learners’ performance?     

Join us at the workshop to see how you can:  

  • Give expression to your ideas using a storyboarding app for iPads.  
  • Enrich the storyboards and turn them into responsive eLearning.  
  • Deploy, deliver, track and manage your eLearning.  
  • Deliver your global training live with the world’s leading virtual classroom technology.. 

Join Dr. Allen Partridge in an informative session on how to best use some of the industry-leading eLearning solutions to stay ahead and be in control of your eLearning environment. 

Dr Allen Partridge, Senior eLearning Evangelist - Adobe


One registration is now closed for the workshops. If you would like to attend, please make your way to the HR Summit registration desk at Luna Park Sydney at least 15 minutes prior to the session start time.





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